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Users in England

The English FA was granted ‘blocked hours’ protection pursuant to UEFA Article 48 which prohibits the transmission of matches within its territory during the period of ‘blocked hours’. For your information, the ‘blocked hours’ in England are on a Saturday afternoon. This means that when we detect "ENGLAND" in the geoblocking software you will likely be barred from purchasing a stream. Unfortunately this is outwith our control. After a purchase, you may also be removed if we detect that your location is in England.

PPV Subscribers

To Buy your ticket for the next match you need to Register/Login.

Register your email for access to live streams, Submit your brief details and set a password. You will then be automatically logged in.
Login : Once logged in payment is via the Card Payment Button under Next Match
View: Once payment is successful, the Card Payment icon on the homepage will have changed to a Video Icon . Click to view the stream

If you are already registered in our system you can use the same email and password to login. (if you have forgotten your password please request a new one using the new Password link)


If you would like to test a stream prior to matchday use this link to view a test stream

If you have any technical issues, please use the support icon at the bottom right.